HostGator vs WebHosting Hub: The Good & Bad

HostGator and Webhosting Hub are popularly known globally for their web hosting services. In fact, they are ranked among the world best with HostGator taking a higher position as compared to Webhosting Hub. The two pride themselves of having a wide customer base. One of the reasons as to why people highly cherish them is because of their affordable rates and quality services. For this reason, it has become a challenge for many to choose between the two world giants. Below is a highlight of their comparison based on different aspects.

WebHostingHub vs Hostgator

Uptime & Speed

According to statistics, HostGator has a powerful uptime as compared to Webhosting Hub. HostGator provides a higher uptime because it transferred all its servers from Soft layers to Blue Host data centers. Furthermore, its data centers are very robust with highly redundant systems. In terms of performance, it has come out clear that that Webhosting Hub is excellent though still slower than HostGator. Webhosting Hub servers are pure of Dell premium. Nevertheless, its data centers are complaint with PCI, with all their access points under control. It is also important to note that websites hosted by Webhosting Hub work for a long time and are always available.


It is necessary to say that both sites offer pretty fair rates. However, Webhosting Hub is the best. More amazingly, it has released a 50% discount to all the readers going through its promotional link. Additionally, it has a vast variety of free features it provides such as free site builder, free website transfer service, and 1 free domain name among others. On the contrary, HostGator cheapest package has restrictions because it allows a user to host one site and one domain on a single account. More surprisingly, the renewal rate of its Hatchling is very high almost illogical.


The two sites boast of providing all their clients with rich features. However, there is a slight difference between the two. Webhosting Hub provides more special offer features to the clients as compared to HostGator. With Webhosting Hub, all the rich features are provided in a single plan. There are no hidden charges. Some of its special offers include constant contact, eFax, Ting, Ring central, and e online data among others. All this are provided in one account at an affordable rate. On the other hand, HostGator provides rich features such as Basekit site builder, but the main problem is that their offers are limited.

Technical Support & Assistance

In terms of customer support and assistance, the two are very great. In fact. In this context, they seem to be on the same pace. You can contact them via a phone, email, or a live chat. According to the testament of most of the clients, it takes a very short time to get a response. In order to also improve your customer experience, the two have a 24 hours working plan meaning you are always guaranteed support

Generally, the two sites are good and reliable. Therefore, you can choose whichever seems best to you. Try one today!

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