A Complete Review Between HostGator vs NameCheap

Most people find it hard choosing among the array of options of web hosting companies to host their websites. Some of these companies are simply on a league of their own and the slightest of differences between them could help you make a decision that is best for your website and your pocket. NameCheap and HostGator are two companies that belong to the highest class, and while there has been a long-time debate over which one of the two offers better services, we managed to take an in-depth review of them to increase the visibility of the smallest differences that, otherwise, could never be noticed.

Namecheap vs Hostgator

Plans & Prices

NameCheap, the older of the two, was founded in 2001 and offers multiple hosting services. It includes four plans, namely; Professional, Value, Business Expert and Ultimate. These plans are priced between $2.90 and $23.00 per month. The cheapest of all is the Value plan which happens in a 3-2-1 year billing cycle going at $2.95, $3.48 and $3.98 per month respectively. The other three plans come with 1-3-6 month billing cycle which is short term.

HostGator offers three plans as well: Baby, Business and Hatchling. They are priced at $3.96, $6.36 and $10.36 per month respectively, and come with a default 20% discount. Moreover, the packages come with a year-long domain name for free. HostGator emerges the winner as none of NameCheap’s solutions comes with any advertising credits or a free domain name.\


Both NameCheap and HostGator use cPanel as their control panel but, surprisingly, the companies have a number of differences in this factor. Some of the differences include;

-maximum disk space on NameCheap is 25GB while it is unlimited on HostGator

-maximum number of email accounts for NameCheap is 50 while on HostGator it is unlimited

-HostGator supports Perl while NameCheap doesn’t

-HostGator supports PostgreSQL while NameCheap doesn’t

-NameCheap offers a 14-day Money Back Guarantee while on HostGator there is no set maximum

Reliability & Performance

For all the people who use their hosting service and work hard to fulfill this commitment, both companies guarantee at least 99% uptime. After a study, though, it was realized that HostGator surpasses NameCheap by a narrow margin. Results show that HostGator guarantees 99.98% uptime while NameCheap provides 99.91%. In terms of hosting speed, the server response time of HostGator was 338 ms while that of NameCheap was 568 ms. Again, HostGator wins.

Technical Support

Unlike many other top web hosting service providers, HostGator and NameCheap are simply prompt and efficient in dealing with customer issues on email. They both have hundreds of customer-care professionals whose jobs are to ensure none of the customers’ questions and complain go unanswered or unsolved. The only significant difference between these two companies is that HostGator also provides technical support through toll-free phone calls while NameCheap does not.


As you might have realized, NameCheap comes narrowly after HostGator as some drawbacks such as lack of toll-free call option and higher costs are not that friendly. HostGator, having been established in 2002, might be younger than its adversary but its efficiency and rate of growth is simply amazing and cannot find its match in NameCheap or any other web host. We recommend you choose HostGator.

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