HostGator vs Liquid Web Hosting Review 2018

Founded in 2002, Hostgator has no setup fees, even for a 30 days contract. Hostgator is one of top 10 shared webhosting companies, and consistently ranked among the best by most reviewers and reviewing websites.

HostGator has a vast variety of tools to offer that can take every idea or a business online in just a few hours! Starting from easy-to-use tools to build a website and quirky templates, to the one-click applications installer software, to everything that is necessary to launch a fully-functional site is provided at your fingertips.

Hostgator vs Liquid Web

Hostgator stands out from the rest due to its excellent technical support and customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with their services and technical support, you have the option to even approach the hostgator president Brent Oxley to address your problem, lending the problem solving process a personal touch.

Hostgator Features:

Linux hosting as well as Windows hosting is offered by Hostgator. Their every package consists of all the features required to run a serious website. The packages Swamp and Baby permit unlimited number of domains, which are extremely beneficial in case you own multiple websites. For Linux hosting they employ cPanel, the best and most diverse control panel available. Also, a Fantastico script installer is provided, with its help you can install almost all popular open source scripts in just a few clicks.

Hostgator supports programming languages such as Perl, PHP4 & 5, Python, Cron jobs, Ruby On Rails, SSL, SSH, et al, whereas Liquid Web doesn’t support Ruby on Rails and SSL. Also, sufficient number of POP3 accounts are included in all the Hostgator packages (20 accounts for Hatchling package and unlimited for the rest).

Any technologically challenged person can easily and efficiently handle various online tasks with the help of Hostgator. Through Hostgator, creating any kind of blog, starting a discussion forum, using a CMS, or wiki, uploading your pictures to your photo gallery, or selling online with your/other E-commerce store, is quick and hassle-free. HostGator runs on various platforms such as Apache, Linux, PHP, and MySQL, hence thousands of mediocre to high-class software and applications existing presently are compatible, making it a superior webhost compared to other companies.

Hostgator vs Liquid Web:

HostGator and Liquid Web are well-known web hosts of the IT and hosting industry, especially known for rare downtime. However, which one is the better Linux web host? The answer can be easily found by taking a look at the comparison table below, which we worked out based on our own research and in-depth review analysis on both of their Linux hosting service from feature reliability, performance, features, and technical support.

Price & Benefits

HostGator has designed three shared Linux hosting plans, known as the Hatchling, the Baby and the Business. The regular starting price of the plans ranges from $3.96 per month, $6.36 per month and $10.36 per month; and minimum 20% discount by is given by default. Also, customers who purchase this service by applying the coupon BWH25Percent are entitled to an additional 5% discount and avails the packages at the following prices $3.71 per month, $5.96 per month, and $9.71 per month.

In addition to the compelling price deduction, Hostgator provides numerous extra benefits, such as one free domain (name) valid for a period of one year, a guarantee of full refund within 45 days, anytime prorated full refund guarantee, 4,000+ website templates absolutely free, 52 scripts absolutely free, Weebly website builder absolutely free, and Google advertising credits worth $100.
To allow users to select an ideal package which suits their budget and meets requirements, Liquid Web has created four shared Linux hosting solutions named as the Standard, the Webmaster, the Professional and the Semi-dedicated and the price range starts from $14.95 per month, $19.95 per month, $24.95 per month and $40 per month.


After studying and comparing HostGator and Liquid Web packages and services, it’s found that both present a reliable and user-friendly Linux hosting service, and first-rate technical support. However, the service from Hostgator is much more affordable and quicker than that from the Liquid Web. Therefore, HostGator is leaps and bounds a better Linux web hosting provider.

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