HostGator vs JustHost Review [Updated 2018]

When it comes to choosing the right web hosting company, it’s quite difficult to make a choice between HostGator and JustHost. Both the service providers offer excellent web hosting services and as such in a comparison between the two it is quite difficult to decide which is the better option.

If you are not clear which one would prove to be a better choice you must check out the comparison of Hostgator vs Justhost here.

HostGator vs JustHost Review

Hostgator vs Justhost- An Overview

HostGator is a global provider of reseller, shared, web hosting and VPS. This is a comprehensive large company hosting several servers. If you are looking for multiple hosting solutions , dedicated servers and VPS then, HostGator is a perfect choice for you.

Whereas, when it comes to a professional hosting provider offering customized services as per the needs and preferences of small businesses then Justhost could be a good option. If you are looking for a hosting company that offers all-in-one shared hosting services, then Justhost might be a good option for you.


HostGator offers three level plans for their web hosting services –Baby , Business and Hatchling plan. Additionally, you can benefit from the discount coupons of the company. The starting from $3.96/mo you can get up to 25% discount on availing their services. The discount coupon allows you to avail as many web hosting services of HostGator you want.

On the other hand, when it comes to affordability its wise to opt for JustHost web hosting services. You can discount up to 69% discount. But this is valid only for the customer opting for the promotional link. Though the plans of JUsthost are cheaper than HostGator, but at the same time you need to keep in mind that cheaper is not always the best.


You’ll be pleased to know that the when hosting services of the two come with uptime guarantee up to 99.9%. But in addition to this HostGator offers automatic backups, off-site backups weekly and all time server monitoring. But with JustHost doesn’t offer off-site backups. Thus, when it comes to reliability HostGator has an upper hand on Justhost.


Both HostGator and Justhost are reliable in terms of quality of service. But HostGator possess higher ratings in comparison to Justhost. With 24/7 customer care support via email, live chat and phone the former features several articles and tutorials that will help you through the process of web hosting.

Hostgator vs Justhost- Who Wins?

Though both JustHost and HostGator can be relied upon for shared web hosting. But when it comes to hiring the best the latter is more promising than the former. Although the administrator of JustHost holds far more experience than the CEO of HostGator. But still HostGator offers much more satisfactory service to its customers. Moreover, you can also enjoy generous compensations if you hire their services.

Overall, HostGator will prove out to be a safer bet when hiring a web hosting company. Though JustHost also offers a few promising services such as decent service and excellent reliability, but still its not efficient enough to offer highly professional and reliable web hosting services.
If you want to make a good stand in this competitive industry then HostGator is a worthy option for you.

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