HostGator vs iPage: An Unbiased Review 2018

Today, choosing a web hosting solution in the most informed way can mean great SEO and general customer satisfaction or trust. Both the above benefits have an impact on the conversion rate of the traffic any website receives because a million viewers per day with no single conversion is a waste of time and resources.

The choice of a good domain hosting company is the core of the optimization options every company out there should be looking for. Here, Hostgator vs iPage will be approached at in a completely different angle. The ultimate goal is not only to help you decide which one of the two is the best option but to basically show you the advantages of going with Hostgator.

HostGator vs iPage Review

1. Which one gives you a faster website and better uptime?

iPage is plagued by the slow response of the websites hosted there. The uptime is not that bad, but at 99.98% of the time, it is still less than that of Hostgator.

There is no debating much in terms of the speed in Hostgator vs iPage. For a long time now, Hostgator has been at the top of the competitors in terms of the responsiveness of the websites hosted on its servers. The result has been the ever-increasing number of customers going for Hostgator. Its uptime is always at 99.99% which is stellar.

2. The bonuses and giveaways

To be fair enough, this is nothing that should be a differentiating factor between the two hosting solutions but you will be interested to know that you get instant back up solution with Hostgator. With iPage too, you even get a $300 marketing bonus but it may be hard to ignore Google Adword bonus plus dedicated IP you get from Hostgator.

3. The cost

The cost being discussed here is not just the cost of renting the domain hosting service but also what you incur while running your website. The problems you might incur such as slow loading speeds can really deter users from visiting your website. Arguably, you may be forced to spend much more trying to optimize your website for search engines so that you may save your website from going under.

Having to do all that is costly and major websites use Hostgator for this same reason.

4. The Controls

iPage gives you a basic control option, vDesk to manage your website. Hostgator provides you with a nice cPanel to keep complete control of your website.

As you might have read in many reviews out there, the vDesk is not that popular because it limits you and additionally does not work yet while cPanel is versatile and effective while being simple to use too.

5. Customer experience

What you have to master ineffective management of your website is the immediacy by which you attend to problems that arise at a given time, either as a result of a fault you made or a problem that you have no direct control of.

iPage has a great customer representative team and they are very polite, always willing to answer all your questions. Unfortunately, some simple issues have to go through the ticketing system.
However, the full-time customer service hotline in Hostgator is a game changer. All problems are attended to immediately without referrals that would otherwise waste your precious time or accelerate the issue at hand.

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