HostGator vs Fatcow: Which One Is Better?

HostGator and Fatcow are the hottest web hosting companies in this digital world and that is why there are numerous reviews that are trying to focus on the two companies. They are rapidly growing and becoming popular each day. The two web hosting companies are best compared using features of each product that may include.

Fatcow vs Hostgator
Fatcow vs Hostgator


Many customers are after the services of these two companies because they both provide their product at customer friendly prices. Fatcow’s price is a just $4.83 but that of HostGator is approximated at $4.95 per month. Even though HostGator’s charges are slightly high, they match the kind of services that this company offers. There are some companies that have hidden charges attached to web hosting charges. However, you should not worry about these two web hosting companies especially HostGator because the company has no hidden charges.


Which web hosting company between HostGator and Fatcow is reliable in terms of service delivery? You need to check uptime guarantee for each of the web hosting company in order for you to answer this question in the right way. HostGator is better than Fatcow in this sector because it offers an incredible guarantee of 99 percent while Fatcow offers a guarantee of around 92 percent.

Products & Services

HostGator would be a solution to your problems if you re after a variety of products. This company provides its customers with a variety of products which can be grouped as dedicated servers and reseller hosting that they will have to choose from. For example, in the case of dedicated hosting, the company provides various types of hosting that can be selected from either windows platform or Linux. On the other hand, Fatcow’s services are not very that diverse but they include some complementary services such as domain registration, scripting add-ons, and website design.

Web Hosting Features providers avail adequate features that you can use to make a statement with your website. Some of these features include free shopping cart software, server-side programming languages and web stat tools. Unlike HostGator that provides cPanel while Fatcow offers H-Shere. Both of these two control panels are aimed at meeting same customer goals that allow their accounts to install add-ons such as photo gallery, blogs, forums, and programs. Fatcow allows a customer to host as many websites as possible but HostGator limits its customer to the use of one domain so as to maintain the effectiveness of service delivery.

HostGator has hundreds of literal smoke detectors that are used to protect data in case of occurrence of fire incidents. Another feature that is present in this web hosting company and not available in Fatcow is the presence of power generators that help in ensuring that there is no disruption of the main source of power.

Customer Service

HostGator and FatCow are almost similar in terms of quality support. They also provide you with various ways of getting things that you need especially when things become tight. The customer support of this company provides additional software such as self-help and comprehensive video tutorials.


There are several web hosting companies that you have the freedom of choosing their services. Even though FatCow has an amazing price offer, HostGator provides more features and it is n effective web hosting company.

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